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Thirty-nine BC authors contributed to “New Beginnings”. Every week I’ll add a new profile to a fantastic author that calls BC home.

Wafaa Al-Showbaki

Wafaa started writing five years ago, after the death of her husband. She considers human reactions to different situations, thoughts and beliefs.

Why She Writes

Wafaa wants to share her experiences with people living in the West, as an emerging writer from the East.

Her Story in New Beginnings

Changing Life 180 Degrees At the Age of Seventy is a story about starting a new life in Canada after having lived in the Middle East for seventy years.

Current Project

Her first book, a memoir of her life.

Writer’s Group:

Port Moody Writer’s Group

You can contact Wafaa at wafaaemergingwriter@yahoo.com

Cam Anderson

About Cam

Cam lives in Coquitlam and is the founder of FutureLegacies.ca

Why Write?

Cam would like to help to solve the world’s chronic shortage of money for social needs. After realizing he wanted to improve his writing skills he began taking classes to develop his skills.

He hopes to explain the concept of helping the future in a straightforward understandable way.

Contribution to New Beginnings

Amy and Lisa and the First Money Capsule is an uplifting story with the message that eventual good can come from misfortune.

Current Projects

Cam is planning to write a book in the future.

Writer’s Group

Cam is an active member of Tri-City Wordsmiths

Email Cam at camanderson@telus.net

Lyn Ayre

Lyn lives in Coquitlam, and has been writing for about sixty years. Her inspiration includes: people, nature, and inner queries about spiritual matters. She has written books of poetry, three children’s books, a cook book, educational manuals, mystery, memoir, and meditation.

Published Work

  • Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole (memoir)
  • From Heartache to Independence (More of Our Canada magazine article)
  • Various short stories and poems in other Canadian publications
  • Several self-published pdf books on her website

Why She Writes

Lyn has an innate desire to share her spiritual journey with others, hoping it will assist them. She wants to create joy for others. She began writing poetry as a child, discovering early the connection she feels with others and the world around her when she shares her work.

New Beginnings

Typhoon Freda is a recollection of the 1962 storm that happened on the west coast of BC. As an eleven year old, she cared for six younger children during this intense weather event while her mother was away. The message she shares through this tale is that courage can be found at any age. It is one of the stories in Lyn’s memoir, Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole. She also shares two poems on Seniors’ Love.

Current Projects

In addition to her story in the “New Beginnings Anthology”, this year she has written a new book of poetry on grief, recovery, and senior love called, “Life on Life’s Terms”; she’s writing a sequel to “Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole: a memoir” entitled, “Forever and For Always”; several of her healing manuals have been converted into PDF books to support the Made Whole Project at lynayre.com; she is also working on “Murder on Belcut Mountain”, and “Lurks the Dark One”, two murder mysteries.

Writers Groups

Lyn is an active member of the Tri-City Wordsmiths, the Federation of BC Writers, and her own women’s writers’ group called, Coquitlam Word Wranglers – round up the syllables.

Visit her Website at lynayre.com 

Gloria Barkley

Gloria lives in Coquitlam and started writing after a college instructor suggested she try it over forty years ago. Poetry allows her to escape into an ocean of words.

Her published work includes:

  • Self-published three poetry books Chapbook “Stemwinder”. 1995, about Hedley c. 1938
  • “Water Window Mirror” 2013 about mental trips from chemicals added to foods
  • “Water Window”2018 continued subject from previous book.

Why Write?

Gloria is a poet who will write prose whenever her spirit moves her to do so.

Contribution to New Beginnings

“Research Reaps Relief” from New Beginnings is about the Gordon Clan, Scottish origin and mixed nationality history from mid 1800 to present day.

Current Projects

Gloria is writing her memoirs as an eight year old on a fruit farm, Penticton, during The Depression.

Writer’s Groups

  • Associate Member of League of Canadian Poets
  • Port Moody Writers’ Group.


“Finalist” in national competition by Whistler Independent Book Awards, 2014. For “Water Window Mirror” poetry book 2013

Contact her: gloria9@telus.net

Debra Chisholm

Debra lives in Coquitlam . She has been writing for about ten years because she enjoys it, especially historical fiction, and has a story to tell.

Why Write?

Debra is inspired by moods and places and likes to organize her thinking into words.

New Beginnings

Across the Border is the story of how the Vietnam war impacted a Canadian family, how Woodstock propels a character into a full American experience.

Current Projects

She’s working on a novel about the Viet Nam war and how it affected the lives of Canadians

Writer’s Groups

Port Moody Writers’ Group

You can contact Debra at debra.j.chisholm@gmail.com

Heather Conn

Heather writes to inspire and inform people about issues important to her, from environmental protection, untold histories, healing journeys and personal transformation to attitudes regarding sexual crimes.

Why Write?

Heather has loved reading and writing ever since she was a small child. She started writing and illustrating stories and even creating mini newspapers when she was about seven. Writing has always been her greatest passion. As a late teen, she wanted to earn a living at it and idealistically change the world, so she went into journalism.

New Beginnings

A Slow Good-bye is a story about the conflicting challenges of caregiving; loss and renewal; gratitude; facing the death of a spouse

Current Projects

She is revising her memoir in its final stages. Heather’s latest picture book fiction is Six Stinky Feet and a Sasquatch, released by Vancouver’s Peppermint Toast Publishing in December 2019.

Her Published works include

Heather’s first picture book was “Gracie’s Got a Secret” (MW Book Publishing 2011). She has written two history books: “Vancouver’s Glory Years” (with Henry Ewert) (Whitecap 2003) and “BC Transit’s Vancouver’s Trolley Buses”, 1948-1998 (1998).

Heather’s nonfiction has appeared in eight anthologies, including Harbour Publishing’s “Raincoast Chronicles 22” (2013) and “Emails From India: Women Write Home” (Seraphim Editions, 2013).

Heather has written short dramas for CBC Television and Bravo! TV and several short documentaries. She teaches screenwriting at Powell River Digital Film School, is a creative writing instructor for the City of Port Moody, and works with authors as a private writing coach.

Heather freelances for a number of publications, including Canadian Encyclopedia. In her four-decade journalism career, Heather has written for more than 50 publications including The Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal and Canadian Geographic.

As a freelance editor, she has edited more than two dozen books, both fiction and nonfiction.

For more information, please see heatherconn.com.

Writer’s Groups

Writers’ Union of Canada; Federation of BC Writers; Canadian Nonfiction Collective Society


2009 Runner-up, Best Memoir Excerpt
Graduating class, MFA in Creative Nonfiction
Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland

2001 Member of Winning Team
Dalton Pen Communications Award (international)
For three-panel historic photo wall at Coast Mountain Bus Company head office; won this award “based on the highest standards and expectations for communication materials”

1998 Winner
Writers’ Union of Canada Prose Contest

1995 Winner
Writing Competition, BC Festival of the Arts
Chosen among province-wide candidates in all facets of the arts to attend Festival in Kamloops

1985 Two-Time Winner
Lighthouse Award for Writing Clarity, Southam Communications Inc.

Heather can be reached at HConn@dcc.net

Erik D’Souza

Erik lives in Port Moody and has been writing for as long as he can remember. He finds inspiration in stories, television shows and even songs.

Why he writes:

Fame and fortune. But I’ve been writing for many years now, and I haven’t found either of them yet. So it must be ego. I have the heart of storyteller and the mind of weasel.

I like to provoke, in an era too woke.

So I have my characters do all the things I can’t.

Published work:

Erik has published two novels, “Straight Men in Gay Bars” and “Death in Halfmoon Bay” , and several short stories.

Contribution to New Beginnings

War Brides, an excerpt from his grandmother’s biography, “Ever Yours Nellie”. It’s important for my generation to remember why my grandmother’s generation is considered the greatest. She served in WWII and came to Canada as a war bride.

She thought that this would be a land of new opportunities, instead she found only hardship.

Coming soon, the summer of 2020.

Writer’s Groups

  • Port Moody Writers’ Group
  • Off the Page Writers Group
  • Tri-city Wordsmiths
  • The federation of BC Writers

Visit erikdsouza.com to read a few more of Erik’s stories.

Bev Gyori

About Bev

Gyori Bev lives in Coquitlam, where she has been writing for five years, for the pleasure of it. She likes feeling creative.

Why Write?

Bev discovered later in life that she could do this suddenly out of the blue “at her age”.

New Beginnings

The Pink Parasol a story about a teenaged artist in Paris.

Current Projects

Bev is working on a light romance novel, short stories and a children’s tale.

Writer’s Groups

  • Port Moody Writers’ Group
  • Tri-Cities Wordsmiths

David Haines

About David Haines

David lives in New Westminster where he became interested in writing after trying a novel writing contest two years ago. After over thirty years of technical writing and some speeches and stand up comedy this is a new way to experiment.

He has hundreds of published and well received written works (technical User Guides and System Administration manuals) but sadly, they are all proprietary to their specific industry and organizations so generally unavailable for public consumption.

Why Write?

Writing is the license to create your own alternate reality. The only limitations within any story are those you decide to include. The enjoyment comes from arranging your ideas in a way that satisfies the creative instinct and allows you to share an interesting vision or something you have learned with others.

New Beginnings

Meesha-Dixie-Monkeyface is a tale of personal redemption – from cat nay-sayer to a cat person. 

Current Projects

An exciting new splendiferous sci-fi adventure novel. The plot is there with a beginning and an end. There is just the simple matter of filling in all the words in between. How hard can it be? Perhaps also a memoir type book regarding my father’s stories, tall tales, and (mis)adventures as a rig hand on the original drilling rigs of the 1950’s in northern Alberta. Where practical jokes with a potentially fatal outcome merely enhanced and elevated the charm and hilarity. Young men and copious quantities of beer and dynamite with no paperwork to get in the way. What could possibly go wrong?

Writer’s Groups

Off the Page Writer’s Group that meets in New Westminster.


Sandra Hamilton

About Sandra Hamilton

Sandra used to call Port Coquitlam home, but has recently moved to the island. She has been writing for fifty years. She enjoys everything about it, especially taking out a long-forgotten piece, and re-working it. It’s kind of like finding a 20 dollar bill in your pocket!

Why Write?

She writes because it helps to create a zen like state in her busy life. Sandra finds nothing more exciting than being able to have a blank slate in terms of plans for a day and being able to just see what happens on the page.

New Beginnings

The Prelude is a story about the mid-life challenges of dating and she hopes her readers will laugh a little.

Current Projects

She is currently working on a children’s chapter book for the 8-10 year old age range.


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