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Profiles of the Writers

Wafaa Al-Showbaki

Wafaa started writing five years ago, after the death of her husband. She considers human reactions to difference situations and thoughts and beliefs.

Why She Writes

Wafaa wants to share her experiences with people living in the West, as an emerging writer from the East.

Her Story in New Beginnings

Changing Life 180 Degrees At the Age of Seventy is a story about starting a new life in Canada after having lived in the Middle East for seventy years.

Current Project

Her first book, a memoir of her life.

Writer’s Group:

Port Moody Writer’s Group

Cam Anderson

About Cam

Cam lives in Coquitlam and is the founder of FutureLegacies.ca

Why Write?

Cam would like to help to solve the world’s chronic shortage of money for social needs. After realizing he wanted to improve his writing skills he began taking classes to develop his skills.

He hopes to explain the concept of helping the future in a straightforward understandable way.

Contribution to New Beginnings

Amy and Lisa and the First Money Capsule is an uplifting story with the message that eventual good can come from misfortune.

Current Projects

Cam is planning to write a book in the future.

Writer’s Group

Cam is an active member of Tri-City Wordsmiths

Email Cam at camanderson@telus.net

Lyn Ayre

Lyn lives in Coquitlam, and has been writing for about sixty years. Her inspiration includes: people, nature, and inner queries about spiritual matters. She has written books of poetry, three children’s books, a cook book, educational manuals, mystery, memoir, and meditation.

Published Work

  • Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole (memoir)
  • From Heartache to Independence (More of Our Canada magazine article)
  • Various short stories and poems in other Canadian publications
  • Several self-published pdf books on her website

Why She Writes

Lyn has an innate desire to share her spiritual journey with others, hoping it will assist them. She wants to create joy for others. She began writing poetry as a child, discovering early the connection she feels with others and the world around her when she shares her work.

New Beginnings

Typhoon Freda is a recollection of the 1962 storm that happened on the west coast of BC. As an eleven year old, she cared for six younger children during this intense weather event while her mother was away. The message she shares through this tale is that courage can be found at any age. It is one of the stories in Lyn’s memoir, Fragments of a Shattered Soul Made Whole. She also shares two poems on Seniors’ Love.

Current Projects

In addition to her story in the New Beginnings anthology, she is writing a book of poetry titled, “Life on Life’s Terms”, and a sequel to her memoir called, “Always”. Some of her healing manuals are being converted into PDF books that support the Made Whole project.

Writers Groups

Lyn is an active member of the Tri-City Wordsmiths, the Federation of BC Writers, and has recently started her own group called, Coquitlam Word Wranglers ~ rounding up the syllables.

 Visit her Website at lynayre.com 

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