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This Month’s Featured Book

Creatures from the Dark : 13 Shapeshifter and Beastly Tales (Stories from the Darkness Book 2) by Lozano Gilabert

In these marvelously gripping and hauntingly suggestive tales, we venture to meet thirteen dazzling creatures: mermaids with daddy issues, trees that lust for gold, misleading werewolves, sensuous sphinxes, and someone so stunningly beautiful as to actually petrify.
Thirteen intoxicating short stories of unexpected horror and adventure. An emotional steamroller that takes us from the iciness of the Arctic to the jungles of Laos, from a war zone to suburbia, from the Himalayas to what lies lurking just beyond your backyard.

This is the second thrilling short story collection by Amazon’s Best Seller author Lozano Gilabert, pressing on the success of Voices from the Dead .

Lozano Gilabert will be reading one of new stories at the next Writers in our Midst

Timbercrest Publishing was born on my computer as a means to make my self-published work look as though it was traditionally published. And now it is becoming what it had initially set out a to mimic. Timbercrest Publishing is a publishing company that puts a modern twist on tradition.

They say that the location of a business is an essential component to its success. I couldn’t agree more. Thank God for wireless internet.

About the Editor

Erik D’Souza

I’ve been self-publishing my work for several years. My first novel, Straight Men in Gay Bars, has been sold throughout the world. My short stories have been published in various literary magazines, both in print and online. As a humble Canadian, it’s hard for me to admit that I’m an author with global distribution.

Much like any writer, my career has had many ups and downs. Success is great and should be heralded every time. But failure isn’t all bad. It is a learning opportunity. And I’ve learned a lot.

I want to share this knowledge with my peers. My goal is to bring them the success they deserve and avoid the mistakes that I had made. I have many very talented friends, and I’m featuring them in the anthology, New Beginnings, a collection of creative writings from BC authors. All the proceeds of the book will be donated to a local charity, SHARE Family and Community Services.

New Beginnings will be the first time that I’ve published other people’s work. Being a writer is often a very solitary craft, but a publisher is a far more social creature. I’ve met so many interesting and intelligent people in the past year. People that want to help and support this project.

It has taught me that writing doesn’t have to be an introverted job. In fact, we are far better off working together. Helping and learning from one and another. And most importantly, supporting each other.

My goal as a publisher is the show the world that my community is a hotbed of literary talent. It’s a tall task, so let’s do it together.

To learn more of Erik D’Souza, the writer, please visit my website: erikdsouza.com.