Writers in our Midst

Writers in our Midst #15

Writers in our Midst #15 occurred virtually (just like every other event in 2020). WE started trying something different for this one: it was themed. WioM #15 was our “Back to School Edition”. We showcased six amazing local Children’s author, and had a great family friendly time. A huge thank you to the Port Moody Library for putting the event on for us.

Writers in our Midst #14

Writers in our Midst #14, as held on Tuesday February 11th, in the Fireside Lounge of the Port Moody Library.

W L Hawkin
Gerry Bradley

Gregory J Robb

Leesa Hanna

Lesley Evans Ogden
Shannon Matter

Jim Peacock

Writers in our Midst #13

Writers in our Midst is a popular reading series that used to be held at The Gallery Bistro, before the fire. The Port Moody Library has graciously agreed to rescue the event and host us four times a year.

Kailey Veenstra, Margie Taylor, Eileen Holland, Erik D’Souza, Sheilagh MacDonald, Shannon Page and Debra Purdy Kong

It was my honour to host the 13th installment of Writers in our Midst. Everyone had a great time, as we were entertained by six incredible authors.

Introduction by Erik D’Souza, Mark Sanders and Helen Daniels

The videos of each of the presenters can be found at our Facebook page. To view these videos and others please visit us at:


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