Death in Halfmoon Bay

by Erik D’Souza

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Rivalry, jealousy, and petty spats are common among the seniors living at Secret Cove townhouse complex. But the murder of a friend is the last straw for Suzanne Rickson. Fans of Murder, She Wrote and Miss Marple will love this smart and resourceful sleuth. Death in Halfmoon Bay is a tantalizing whodunit that will keep you guessing till the end.

Debra Purdy Kong, Award-Winning Author of Casey Holland Transit Mysteries

A charming, page-turning cozy that draws the reader in and never lets them go. Great characters and surprising plot twists and turns make for a terrific read.

A.J. Devlin, Award-Winning Author of Hammerhead Jed Mysteries

My New Tomorrow

by Beverly Ann Gyori

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Voices from the Dead

13 Ghost Stories

by Lozano Gilabert

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In these thirteen wildly evocative and devilishly delicious ghost tales, international author Lozano Gilabert brings us nightmares hatched from our everyday world. A few phrases are enough to populate it, to breathe life into it, and to make it unforgettable. We recognize ourselves in these dreamworlds, they are the ones we shy away from, the ones that inhabit our innermost recesses.

Straight Men in Gay Bars

Second edition

by Erik D’Souza

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“A really f$*ing good book that you’d have to be a total c%*t not to read.”

Paul Tilly

While seeking a juicier plot for his memoirs, Eric, an amateur philosopher and functioning alcoholic, pursues a liaison with a beautiful co-worker. This doesn’t sit well with his girlfriend, Jung Lee. Unable to decide between the two women, Eric turns to alcohol and attempts to drink away his guilt. Set in the Gay Village of Vancouver, during the turn of the millennium, Straight Men in Gay Bars is a wild ride into over-indulgence and conveys an underlying message of social tolerance. 

Everyone’s story is filled with half-truths. This version is my half. Other parties involved would convey a very different story, but the outcome would remain the same. I confess that I did drink far too much during this period, and my recollections of these events are clouded. I was forced to imagine many of these adventures. The final product is a work of fiction more than an autobiography.

Murder on Belcut Mountain: McClintock / Miller Murder Mystery / Romance

by Lyn E. Ayre

Murder on Belcut Mountain: McClintock / Miller Murder Mystery / Romance

What if a woman is murdered in a desperate attempt to shut her up, but then she is immediately stabbed eight times with her own carving knife by a different perp, who also takes a hank of her blonde hair as a trophy? What if this is not the first time he’s done this? What if this has happened all over the United States and Canada, and no one knows, because his victims’ details are in files in cold case boxes in some warehouse? What if he leaves no forensic evidence as a clue to his identity?

Police Detectives Iain McClintock and Susan Miller have a murder to solve. During the investigation, they discover a serial killer who’s insidious and prolific. Trained as a person who is supposed to help people, and hidden among the general population of the city, this sociopath operates in the most beguiling of ways to lure his victims into a lethal trap with no chance of escape. Can these detectives, McClintock and Miller, capture this person before another victim meets a gruesome end?

There is also an interwoven love story between Iain McClintock and his wife, Rosie. They discover she has MS.
Susan Miller meets a man who gets her heart beating faster. Ayre again shows us that life is not black and white… sometimes there’s murder, often there’s mayhem, but always, there’s time for romance. You’ll never guess who else develops a love interest…

Waking Up to the Life Left in Me: A collection of 55 essays and poems

by Lyn E. Ayre

Writing has saved my spirit from a crushing blow. Faith, family, and friends are my three other constants—a trinity of lighted candles illuminating the way.
This is my journey through five years of turning WE into me—a collection of 55 essays and poems. I hope that sharing it will help someone along the way.
What’s different about this five-year mark? Now that my life has grown and expanded beyond the confines of that one horrific point in time, I’ve discovered that even though my grief is always there, my world has become bigger. My outside life has outpaced the inner grief so that it is just a part of my world now not the whole thing.

Note from author, Lyn E. Ayre

I started writing when I was eight. There weren’t many scraps of paper in our house, but I managed to find a few and wrote my little poems on them. When dad found one, he bought me a thick scribbler and a few pencils to write down my ‘funny thoughts’.
It’s what I’ve done all my life—written it down. It was somewhere to secretly live as I silently fell in love with a crush. It’s how I’ve handled heartbreak when a love affair ended. It’s where I put my grief when someone died. It’s a place for the butterflies to stay as I embrace my daily life.
Writing in any genre has strengthened my belief in my higher power, taught me how to organize my thoughts, helped me to dig deeper into my emotions, and kept me alive—body and soul.

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